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Rate Assistance Program

PWD customers who qualify for the Rate Assistance Program (RAP) can apply to receive $20 off the monthly service fee beginning January 2024. RAP applications are accepted from Nov. 1 to June 30 of each year. Program participants must reapply annually. Funds are limited

This program offers rate assistance to seniors ages 62 and older, veterans and low-income households by reducing up to 50% off monthly service charges. Key factors and eligibility requirements of the program:

  • Program is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • All low income property owners and renters are encouraged to apply.
  • Priority is provided to customers who are low-income seniors aged 62 and older and veterans.
  • Must be enrolled in SoCal Edison’s or Southern California Gas’ CARE program AND qualify by income level set forth by the Public Utilities Commission Alternative Rates for Energy occupant-to-income ratio table.
  • Must be a District residential customer with a 1″ or smaller water meter.
  • Must provide required verification and documentation.
  • Must reapply annually and/or each time you move.
  • Must notify the District within thirty (30) days if you become ineligible.
  • Assistance is not transferable with property or applicant.
  • The application acceptance period is November through June.
  • Due to exhausted funds, we are not accepting new applications for the 2024 Rate Assistance Program. 

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