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Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of the District is to provide high-quality water to our current and future customers at a reasonable cost.

Vision Statement

The District will strive for excellence in providing great customer care; advocating for local water issues that help our residents; educating the community on water-use efficiency; and leading our region in researching and implementing emerging technologies that increase operational efficiency.


Core Values

Core Values are essential to the success of the District and its employees. The values set the tone for the organization and help employees make informed decisions that benefit everyone – the District, the staff and the ratepayers.

Performing our duties in an ethical, fair, reliable, honest and courageous manner regardless of the situation.

Working with colleagues to accomplish the organization’s goals and respecting each other’s contributions that best benefit the organization.

Embracing and respecting differing ideas, cultures, ethnicities, class and gender.

Showing evidence of energy, enthusiasm, devotion and motivation while pursuing excellence in one’s work, ideas and goals.

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